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The Learning Tree

Partners helped the team by building ten large grow boxes, providing compost, seedlings and a secure fence around the Educare’s new garden. Seedlings were also donated to the school and the teachers were given a workshop on how to make the garden a sustainable source of food security going forward.

This Pre-School food garden contributes to feeding 40 children 5 times a week.


Khayalethu South


September, 2020


School Food Garden


Contributes to feeding 40 children 5 times a week

Get Involved

All our gardens are on-going projects. We keep our hands dirty, replant when needed and upgrade as and when funds are available. Please get in touch, offer your services or donate.

Growing Upwards has given us the opportunity to produce our own nutritious, fresh produce for our school feeding scheme. The joy of providing for ourselves has created life long skills for both staff and learners

Julie Principal