92 Bowery St., NY 10013

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Humpty Dumpty School

A garden overhaul took place here to revive this garden that will help to feed over 40 children on school days.

A Garden Club was introduced here – whereby parents are invited to join the Planting Parties and to receive seedlings to take home and grow, and then swap with others in the Club.

This project was recommended to us by The Knysna Education Trust

This Educare Centre feeds 40 children, on weekdays.


Rheenendal, Knysna


October, 2020


Educare Centre


40 people, 5 days a week

Get Involved

All our gardens are on-going projects. We keep our hands dirty, replant when needed and upgrade as and when funds are available. Please get in touch, offer your services or donate.

We are blessed to have had your team at our school. The staff and community are now more equipped with gardening knowledge and can share this knowledge with family and friends. The children, staff and the community enjoy healthy meals from the vegetables grown in our garden

– Principal Caroline