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Dorothy Broster Childrens Home

This garden was established in November 2020.  The centre houses over 70 orphans and children in need. Ten large grow boxes and two raised bed gardens with quality compost and seedlings were provided in a secure space at the home. Sue Torrance (author of Take Root and Grow and GU member) workshopped the minders and the children and encouraged them to make the tending of the garden a joyful and educational experience.

The produce will also contribute to the meals for the children.


Khayalethu, Knysna


November, 2020


Children's Home Food Garden


Contributes to between 50 and 70 meals daily.

Get Involved

All our gardens are on-going projects. We keep our hands dirty, replant when needed and upgrade as and when funds are available. Please get in touch, offer your services or donate.

The children love taking turns to water their food garden daily. They are fascinated by watching the vegetables grow and sometimes they enjoy snacking on salad leaves and herbs fresh from the box. 

– Sylvia Willie