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Brackenhill Soup Kitchen

An overhaul of this large food garden was done by Growing Upwards. Fencing was reinforced and secured underground to avoid damage from pigs ravaging the harvests. Growing Upwards has replanted and composted the garden twice since they were initially involved and have assisted the community and gardeners with training and will continue to do so going forward. This project was recommended to us by the Rotary Club of Knysna.

The garden contributes vegetables for the soup kitchen which feeds between 50 and 100 people twice a week.


Brackenhill, Knysna


September, 2020


Soup Kitchen Garden


Contributes to feeding 50-100 people, twice a week

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All our gardens are on-going projects. We keep our hands dirty, replant when needed and upgrade as and when funds are available. Please get in touch, offer your services or donate.

I was born in Brackenhill and have lived here for 70 years. We started the soup kitchen because we felt sorry for the children of the community. The food garden has made a difference as in the past – we often did not have any vegetables with the meals we provide every Tuesday and Thursday. The team did not just plant the garden and leave, but have come back to replant and train our gardeners and we are happy to have them working with us in Brackenhill

Dora Janklaas – Soup Kitchen manager Brackenhill.